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The F-100 A-F Study! A semi theme look at the great and very beautiful F-100 series!!

A major object in this study is to compare two possible NMFs, Alclad Polished Aluminum, and Airframe Aluminum! The winner of this comparison will be used on a 1/144 Fujimi B-29. Looking to find the closest match to that shown on the real planes in pics #5 & #7 below. I'm beginning to lean toward the Airframe Aluminum. Your thoughts??





Three of Don Schremk's F-100 builds (1/144). Don is supplying the resin castings that I'm using here!




Don flew  this one on his 65th birthday!!



Build # 2 is based on the FE-Resin F-100 D. An excellent kit!!

NMF is based on Alclad Airframe Aluminum on top of MM Glossy Black Enamel.

Red is Gunze Clear Red on top of Alclad Chrome, on top of MM Glossy Black Enamel.


Seat! Belts from sliced Tamiya Tape.


My 34th + Build!

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