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Wingnuts Wings Albatros DVa - 1/32!!

Part 6!

I plan to build this version!

The rigging was not described much, but tricky to do using 0.015

hardened stainless steel wire inserted into holes I had previously

drilled into the wings and fuselage. Since the SS wired was hardned

and resistant to "bending", the holes had to be pre-aligned so that

the wire would not look "bowed" after inserting through the entrance

holes and then poking into the target holes. 


Upper surface colors: Tam Medium Gray Green XF-71, and Mauve as Tam X-16 (1) to Tam XF 52 (2). Over sprayed lightly with Testors Glosscote.

Sub assembly now taking shape.

Panel detail showing "Wood Graining" of varnished birch plywood effect better!



My 52nd+ Build!

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