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Wingnuts Wings Fokker D.VII - 1/32!!

Part 2!

I am building this version (the center one above)!



Cockpit now assembled minus the engine and its mount! This has been the most difficult and "taxing" pit assembly I have ever worked on. There are about 24 holes in the side frames ranging in size from, .014, .020, to .040" . These must be kept open during painting so that "pins" on the internal parts can fit into them during assembly. This is my first modeling project that I had to use my 18X Jeweler's magnifier to check on alignment, and fit of the parts! Another challenge was the placing of the instrument decals the smallest of which are about 2.5 mm in diameter.


Engine mounted in fuselage.

Cockpit section mounted in fuselage right hand side.

Fuselage now closed up and ready for crack filling. I'm planning on leaving the Engine exposed as shown.

Gaps filled and external surfaces sanded and polished with 400,800,1500 grit wet/dry paper used dry.

Notice the soft "sheen" on the surfaces! Ready for masking and paint.

Fuselage masked and sprayed with MM Glossy White.

Ruder and Stab sprayed with MM Glossy White.

My 55th+ Build!

Remaining small parts now sprayed with Alclad Black Base.

Wings upper surfaces sprayed with Alclad Black Base. Lower surfaces masked.

Fuselage now masked and sprayed with Alclad Black Base.

Front nose section sprayed with Alclad Chrome.

Fuselage sprayed with Alclad Airframe Aluminum.

Small parts sprayed with Alclad Airframe Aluminum.

Wings top side sprayed with Alclad Airframe Aluminum. Bottom sides masked for spraying later with Clear Glosscote and Camo Decals.

Small parts sprayed with Gunze Clear Red.

Wings sprayed with Gunze Clear Red.

Fuselage unmasked, ready for decals.

Lozenge decals applied to bottom of upper wing.

Decals added, and lower wing attached. Struts for attaching upper wing added. This now includes 20 attachment points!

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