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Wingnuts Wings Pfalz D.IIId - 1/32!!

Part 3!


I am building this version!







Interior assembly complete and ready to mount into fuse side. Note interior control rigging done with 0.015 stainless steel wire.

  Interior Assembly mounted into right hand side.

 Fuselage and tail parts now sprayed with MM Glossy Black enamel.

Fuselage and Stab/Ruder sprayed with Alclad Chrome.


Fuselage nose section sprayed with gold color made from

Gunze Clear Yellow H4 + a little bit of Gunze Shine Red H23.

Main part of Fuselage now sprayed with Alclad Aluminum tinted a bit with Alclad Clear Blue to get closer to shade of Silver Paint used on original.


Propeller masked and sprayed with Tamiya Brown, then clear coated with Testors Glossy Top Cote.


I've added a few decals.

Since I have been unable to obtain correct decals for Friedrich Rudenberg's Jasta 10 version,

I'm using a set of decals for Stv Shuschke's Jasta64w obtained from Pheon Decals.fr1

My 53rd+ Build!

Comments are always appreciated!

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