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Accurate Miniatures Douglas Dauntless SBD-1 1/48 #3420!

I'm Building This Version!

Very difficult to find this SBD-1 in flight in color, so I'm using this Black and White now.

Here's one from Life Magazine September 1939.


Instrument panel. Tam Nato Black, dry brushed with MM Chrome Silver. One drop of "Future" in each instrument dial opening.

Added several tiny decals into dial openings for improved appearance.

Engine cylinders painted first with MM Chrome Silver, then Tam flat black, then dry brushed with MM Chrome Silver. Plumbing TAM Glossy Black. Wires MM Red.

Canopy parts masked outside with Eduard masks and inside with Tam tape, then mounted on double sided tape prior to spraying with Alclad II White Aluminum.

Canopy parts unmasked shown on blue paper.

Pilot & Gunner From PJ's assembled and painted.


Small and larger parts sprayed with Alclad II White Aluminum.

Cockpit assembled and painted. Floor washed with Lamp Black Oil + Turpenol. Several Eduard PE parts (Instrument Dial sections) added to instrument panel to improve appearance. Note: It was pointed out to me by more knowledge modelers that my red fire extinguishers should be green Oxygen bottles so they have been repainted green now.

Right and Left fuselage sides finished.

Pilot's seat and Gunner's Instrument Panel.

Sides closed up, and pit installed.

Note the Gunner's seat at the rear of the pit and the Pilot's seat near the front.


Fuselage, wing and stabalizers assembled and ready for paint.

Assembly now sprayed with Alclad II White aluminum.

Front Cowl. First sprayed with Alclad II White aluminum, then masked and sprayed with Alclad II Black Base and then Chrome as undercoat for the Gunze Red to be applied next.

Cowl sprayed with Gunze Clear Red, then unmasked.

Masked and sprayed with MM Deep Yellow.









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