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HobbyBoss P-38L-5-LO Lightning - 85805 - 1/48!

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Aries Cockpit Set finished and ready to install.

Canopy, dipped in "Future", dried, masked, and ready for paint. One area (top center) liquid masked.

Canopy sprayed with MM Interior Green #1715.

Canopy sprayed with Alclad II Black Base, and then Chrome.

Finished Canopy Unmasked.

Model after gluing upper and lower sections together and adding cockpit. This creates a major seam around the total perifery which must be sanded/polished/filled and then re-sanded and re-polished.

All seams filled, sanded and polished. Side Air Intakes and Rudders added. Model now ready for paint.

Experimental Gray Primer applied. This is a mix of MM Glossy Black and Glossy white to get a color that is half way between the original  "Gray of the model plastic" and 100% pure black. I'm hoping to achieve a bit more brightness and metallic shine than I achieved in the recent "B 17" build after I spray next with the Alclad 2 Chrome.

Alclad II Chrome applied.


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