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Tamiya P-51D Tuskegee Airmen (My Version) Of "Duchess Arlene" In 1/48!

I'm using this Tamiya P51-D version for construction!





MM Enamel used exclusively on cockpit parts. MM Green Zinc Chromate is the basic background color.

An Aries resin cockpit detailing set was used for most of the construction, plus an Eduard Placard set.

Most pictures shown about 2x real size!

Attaching painting handle. A "skewer" glued to a piece of foam board which is glued to fuselage side walls. After painting this will be trimmed to a short stub that will serve to mount the spinner.

Cockpit installed and fuselage sides closed up.

Assembled and ready for paint.

MM Glossy Black Enamel now applied. This is the best application of MMGBE that I have ever had. Others have been great, but this is even better!!!

A few bits of Alclad "Chrome" added!! This will add a a little "metallic" glint to the clear red topcoat that will be applied later. An effect I like to use.

Alclad Airframe Aluminum now added and blended into the "Chromed" regions. This provides a nice base for additional alclad shades to be added later, and will appear in a few panels then where I want to have a little more brightness!

Alclad Aluminum now sprayed on to the fuselage and wings. Alclad Steel sprayed on to several panels on the fuselage.

Alclad Aluminum tinted slightly "Blue" with a small amount of Alclad "Clear Blue" sprayed on to the wings! This simulates the Aluminum Doping over the "Raw Aluminum" as presumably done in the factory over the wings.

Alclad White Aluminum sprayed on to 3 panels on each wing.

Yellow stripes added (Gunze 413 Yellow over MM Header White). Alclad White Aluminum added to Ailerons.

All unmasked and ready for next round of masking.

Gunze Clear Red now added. Also Tam Olive Drab applied to the cowl.

It's beginning to look like a Tuskegee now!

My first plastic aircraft model was constructed in 2004. This is a similar Tamiya kit except that Tamiya here supplied metalized exterior surfaces!


My 51st+ Build!

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Tamiya P-51D Tuskegee Airmen Construction

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