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The F-100 A-F Study! A semi theme look at the great and very beautiful F-100 series!!

My inspiration for this build!




The following two previous builds are at 1/144 scale!


The above constructions done at 1/144 scale.

Below at 1/72 scale from the Tamiya  (Italeri) kit!

Cockpit (Aries after market set) base color MM Enamel RLM 63 "Licht Grau" Panels MM RLM66 Schwarz Grau.


MM Enamel Aircraft Interior Black, Euro Gray, and PS Night Black acrylic added to panels, !


Testors Glosscote + Dirty oil wash added.


Polyscale Flat applied!


After dry brushing with MM Licht Grau, and Chrome Silver enamels. Details added with Metallic "Painters" marking pens.


Seat added to cockpit.

Instrument panel attached to coming.


Seat frame painted with MM Aircraft Interior Black, Interior Green, and Wood, Enamels. Gunze Flat Red used on the head rest! Sprayed with PS Flat, then washed with black oil wash. Dry Brushed with MM Licht Grau, and Chrome Silver enamels. Seat belts Aires PE painted MM Licht Grau, and highlighted with Metalic Painters marker!

Fuselage primed with MM Glossy Black Enamel.

Alclad Airframe Aluminum tinted with Alclad Clear Yellow! Much will change with "Panelizing"!!

Masking for "panelizing"!

Some paneling work completed. From the rear Alclad colors added: Copper, Stainless, Bronze (my mix), Steel, Airframe Aluminum (above the center gold band), white aluminum,s teel,white aluminum, and stainless. The Red is Gunze Clear Red.

Wing primed with Testors Glosscote lacquer.

Alclad Airframe Aluminum applied. Undercarriage area detailed a bit.

Alclad Pale Gold, Magnesium, White Aluminum, Dark Aluminum, Steel,  and Dural added to some panels. Gunze Clear Red on the wing tips.


My 38th + Build!

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