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Hasegawa 1/72 F-104 "RED" series!

My other inspirations for these builds!

And Now the Finished Red Ducati inspired F-104!

When mounting the Wing Tanks, there should be a decimal point "." between the first two  "9" s -- not incorporated here! Without the wing tanks a simple 999 was used!

See explanation of "Color Shading" below!

The Red Baron and the Ferrari!

All three now finished!

Cockpit parts painted with an assortment of MM Enamels grays and blacks. Dry brushing done with MM Chrome Silver Enamel. Trim and other tiny details added with ultra fine point markers. Seat belts are painted masking tape. 

Finished cockpits. Each had to have a bit of the side panels sanded off to fit inside the fuselage shells.

Assembled - ready for the paint shop!

MM Glossy Black Enamel applied as primer for the Alclad Chrome! Three very shiny "Blackbirds"!!

Three Alclad Chromy birds!! On the left, for the Red Baron, uniform Shiny Chrome. Center, the Farrari, shinier chrome toward the rear, darker chrome toward the nose (not obvious in this pic due to lighting and shadows etc), . For the right hand one (the 9-99) Bright shiny chrome in the front, slightly darker (more black showing through) toward the rear. Chrome applied with H&S and 0.20 noz at 10 psi.

The Red Baron F-104 now sprayed with Gunze Clear Red. Note an even Red color density from front to read as a result of Chrome being evenly applied from front to rear.


My 44 th + Build!

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