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My inspiration for this build!

The Lockheed XF-90 was built in response to a United States Air Force requirement for a long-range penetration fighter and bomber escort. The same requirement produced the McDonnell XF-88 Voodoo. Lockheed received a contract for two prototype XP-90s (later redesignated XF-90). The design was developed by Willis Hawkins and the Skunk Works team under Kelly Johnson. Two prototypes were built (s/n 48-687 and -688). Developmental and political difficulties delayed the first flight until 3 June 1949, with chief test pilot Tony LeVier at the controls. Performance of the design was considered inadequate, and the XF-90 never entered production.

Just about ready for the paint shop!

An unusual problem developed. On spraying the desired MM Glossy Black Enamel on to the resin surface, hundreds of microscopic pin holes opened up on the surface, creating "fish eyes" in the glossy black. I stripped off the black (brake fluid), washed the resin with mineral spirits, terpenol, and acetone. I then sprayed on Alclad Gray Primer, 2 coats, sanding between. There were several stubborn clusters of pin holes that I finally sealed shut with many applications of very thin Testors Glosscote, and gray primer, sanding multiple times with 2000 wet dry paper.

The panel lines were kept open with a Tam "P" cutter scriber.

MM Glossy Black Enamel applied on top of the primer. The panel lines seem to have become exagerated, perhaps by the GBE not wanting to flow into the grooves but rather building up on the groove peaks!

Masked and Alclad Air Frame Aluminum added!

Adding Alclad metal shades on some panels. From the rear toward the front: Steel, Aztec Bronze, White Aluminum, Aluminum, Steel, Steel Nose Cone, with Aluminum under and behind. I experimented with some shading attempts with Steel, on the leading section of each panel (except on the bronze)! A bit hard to see with interference from the lighting reflections in the pic here! I'm not totally pleased with the results, but this is a way to practice and develop my skills! Using the 0.02 Noz for the panels, and the 0.15 for the shading. The spine and part of the rudder will eventually be red! The pitot tube will be added later to the socket for it shown here.

Alclad blend of Chrome and Clear yellow applied (I have gotten nicer results using Airframe Aluminum instead of the Chrome). Stainless Steel, Magnesium panels added. Steel panel shading blended in. Next the wing tanks will be Chromed, and Red added! The object here is to tone down the "Wings" a bit as there is enough visual excitement going on in the Fuselage!

Wing tanks Chromed (Alclad) and masked .Dolled up a bit with some Gunze Clear Red!


My 40 th + Build!

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