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Eduard L-39 Albatross Evolution 1/48 #11121 !

I'll be building something like this version.

Fuselage sides and small parts sprayed with Tamiya Light Blue.

Instrument Panels finished. Using some PE parts. A drop of "Future" placed in each instrument dial with toothpic point.


Seats finished using some PE parts included in kit.

Finished cockpit assembly.

Finished upper pit assembly.

Finished Fuselage assembly completed with cockpit subassemblies mounted, and with Russian Pilots now assembled and painted.

Albatross now ready for paint!

Canopy sections masked and ready for paint!

Model support system. One Bamboo Skewer inserted and glued into wing tip tank. Skewer strengthened by 4 more skewers taped and glued with CA glue. This assembly pushed into heavy (3.5lbs.) bottle of lead BBs! Support post and model can be easily removed from BBs and held in hand for painting.

Tamiya White Primer applied, dried, and wet sanded with 1500 grit wet/dry paper.

MM Glossy White Enamel + a bit of MM Glossy Black to make a very light gray. Polished with 4000 + 8000 grit wet cloths.

Masked and Alclad Glossy Black applied.

Missing here is a pic after I sprayed Alclad Chrome on top of the Black. (I forgot to take it)!

Tamiya Clear Blue applied on top of Alclad Chrome.

Masking removed.

I use this alignment fixture as an aid keeping parts aligned during assembly.











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