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Hasegawa 1/48 P- 40 E Project

The Finished Model

My overall goal was to achieve a "Creative Re-Construction" as if I had re-assembled from "bone field" parts today, a basic P-40E, and "finished" it in a color scheme that was unique, and pleases me! I hope I have not offended "true scale" buffs with my "deviant" efforts<g>!

A few notes on the "finishing" process.

The overall green is Tamiya Dark Green XF-70, underside gray is Tamiya Neutral Gray XF-53.

These were airbrushed with "Future" prior to adding the Decals. Then Poly Scale Satin Acrylic was airbrushed on for a more subdued satin look and to protect the decals.

The Spinner and External fuel tank are first sprayed (rattle can)  Zynolite Speciality Super Metal Silver, then airbrushed with multiple coats of Tamiya Clear Red X-27. Wing lights etc., are rear coated with Tamiya Clear Red X-27, Clear Orange X-26, and Clear Blue X-23.

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