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A Little Bit About My Modeling History!

I started modeling back in 1937 when I was 6 years old building "stick & tissue" models, and then during the war years made a bunch of "solid models" that I carved from pine -- as balsa wood disappeared from the scene (confiscated by the government for life rafts etc).

Later pursued "free flight" both rubber and gasoline powered, then with glow plug engines. As a young adult I got into RC building & flying, building my own electronics at first. My last experiences prior to leaving modeling for a while was building & flying RC Choppers!

For family reasons I took a 15 year hiatus from modeling, returning 6 years ago and decided to try out "Plastics".

I now thoroughly enjoy "plastics" and I look upon the work I do with them as a kind of "Art Form" where they are my "Medium of Choice"!!

I "build to a different drummer " than most. When I look at a kit, I let my mind drift off for a bit, and soon I see an idea or a theme that seems interesting and fun. I then pursue that -- sometimes altering course during construction many times.


My new Canon Powershot SX420 IS Wireless, WiFi Camera.

My model building Workroom.

New setup for taking pics of small parts and assemblies. Note battery operated LED lights and special small tripod.

My new small part pic setup.

My main pic setup.

My Model display cabinet. Weighs over 400 lbs!

Model Display Cabinet Right Hand Side.

Model display cabinet left hand side.

My Harder & Steenbeck Infinity Airbrush.

Just planted Garden May 18,2018--Burpee Plants. Planted 8 days after receiving due to rain delays. waiting for 4 more plants missing from shippment.

My Other Careers:

I was an Engineer for GE for 23 years. Started my own business selling rough & cut gemstones mail order and at shows for another 23 years during which time I opened a Jewelry Salon where my son was a self taught Goldsmith, Designer and GIA Graduate Gemologist. He then (when I retired) opened up a superb new Jewelry Salon!

I retired from that in 93, but continue to sell Rough and cut Gemstones on Ebay<g>!!


Amateur Astronomy has always held an interest for me. In particular imaging beautiful Astro Objects in outer space such as these from my back yard:



I have always enjoyed Audio! My present system has been under construction since I built my first Heath Kit (FM Tuner) in 1948! I still use some Vacuum Tubes as in my Audio Research Preamplifier SP-11.

At one time I was also an Amateur Radio Operator with a call sign as WA3BWQ!



Several of my favorite works!



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