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Fujimi 1/144 B-29 project!


MM Green Zinc Chromate Enamel applied to interiors!

All the small parts with MM Glossy Black Enamel applied. Some have MM Green Zinc Chromate applied to the inner surfaces. Ready for Alclad!!

Three of the props hand polished. These metal castings have been supplied by Chris Miller of the "Cobra" Co,! I broke one blade off the 4th prop, and am waiting for a replacement to  arrive (thanks Chris)!! The "cuffs" have been accented with a file.

Cockpit assembled. Seat belts from painted and sliced Tamiya tape!

Adding a little color to some of the parts. Gunze Clear Red on top of Alclad Chrome on top of MM Glossy Black Enamel!

Pit installed into fuselage. Fuse sides closed up and polished - ready for primer.

After MM Glossy Black Enamel as primer.

Alclad Airframe aluminum now applied over the black!

Alclad Aluminum, Dark Aluminum, White Aluminum, Dural, and Magnesium panels added!

Gunze Clear Red applied to rudder and decals, blisters applied! Black strip in fin is from a black decal trim sheet!

This version is a blend of the most interesting effects of several other versions.

Mike Grant Decals used here!

Alclad Airframe Aluminum on top of Testors Glosscote Lacquer primer. The wing texture/color background will be different from that of the fuselage.

Alclad Panels of Magnesium, Dark Aluminum, Steel, and White Aluminum added. Gunze Clear red applied. De-iceing strips are cut from Walthers Black Decal Trim sheet!

After polishing the cast metal props they have been sprayed with MM Glossy Black enamel!

Deicing strip masked on the black, then Alclad Airframe Aluminum applied. Masks removed and detail added to Deicing strip with marking pen. Gunze Metallic red applied to nose cone.

Nose window adhered to Blue Tac Blob, then hand painted with Metalic "Painters" ultra fine silver pen!! My first try at this method.


My 36 th + Build!

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