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B-58 in 1/144 - a study in Natural Metal Finishes!


I'm working toward this version as my theme here!

B-58 Wing with bad sink marks filled, and Testors Glosscote primer applied.

Alclad Airframe Aluminum now applied!

Alclad Magnesium, Steel, White Aluminum, Dural, and Dark Aluminum added.

Gunze Clear Red tips added. White Triangle decals cut from white ink jet decal paper. Other decals now added!

Engines and Landing Gear assemblies now added!

Fuselage ready for the paint shop!

MM Glossy Black Enamel applied!

Alclad Airframe Aluminum applied as well as a "Steel" alclad band (rear)

and Dark AluminumAluminum (center)!

Alclad White Aluminum added in center band. Gunze Clear Red added!

Now ready for decals!

White Decals cut from Testors Ink Jet decal paper.

The 3 pits!


The three seats after a bit of painting.

Seats assembled into the cockpits! Instrument decals added!

The "Pod" with Alclad Magnesium, White Aluminum, and Gunze Clear Red on top of Airframe Aluminum!.




My 36th + Build!

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