Frank's Scale Model Aircraft Art!

A "Theme Model" of a Heinkel HE 162 Salamander!

Constructed from a Revell 1/32 Kit!

As work progresses the "Theme" is mutating from Salamander to Chameleon, to Sparrow (translated from the German reference to this design as "Spatz"!), to Sparrow Hawk! Where will it go next?!

Well here we are -- the my version of the proverbial "Red Tailed Sparrow Hawk"!!

I do believe that this beautiful bird will give you a bit of insight into the ME 162 color scheme that I'm using!


Small parts after Alclad 2 Glossy Black Primer (after 4 days drying time) and then Alclad 2 Chrome applied.

Several internal parts! Some resprayed with Alclad 2 Chrome over the blue/green!

Engine, essentially OOB. Exhaust sprayed with Alclad 2 Jet Exhaust. Rear cover section, Alclad 2 Aztec Bronze (My own blend). Now going right to left, Alclad 2 Steel, Alclad 2 Jet Exhaust, and Alclad 2 White Aluminum.


Front opening --Insert is Alclad 2 Chrome.  Rear opening, insert is Alclad 2 Jet Exhaust.

Engine now finished with all OOB parts added. Waiting for Eduard PE parts! Some areas "dirty washed" with watercolor wash. Pigma pens used to add some color detailing!

Alclad 2 Chrome over Glossy Black Primer!


Center Console and Joy Stick. Mike Grant decal + Kit decal! PE wire from Eduard! Alclad 2 White Aluminum over Tamiya Clear Green.


Gun Bay! Most detail colors from Pigma Pens. Red is Gunze Metallic Red.Mike Grant Decal. Alclad 2 White Aluminum over Tamiya Clear Green!

Left side console. Alclad 2 White Aluminum. Mike Grant decals. Pigma Pens for color details.


Nose Wheel Asm. Alclad 2 Chrome over GBP! Tamiya Clear Green over Alclad 2 White Aluminum. Spring is Gunze Steel Red over Alclad 2 Chrome, over GBP! Linkage support is Gunze Copper over Alclad 2 Chrome over GBP! Gold is Gunze Gold over Chrome over GBP! Red is Gunze Metalic Red over Chrome over GBP!

Alclad 2 White Aluminum dry brushed with Tam flat white. Mike Grant decal. Other detail colors by Pigma pens!

Wheel Well Bulkhead Red is Gunze Metallic Red. Panel Alclad 2 White Aluminum on top of Tam Clear Green, on top of A2 White Aluminum. Detail colors done with Pigma pens.

Seat Assembly. Headrest is Gunze Flat Red. Seat is Tam Clear Red on top pf A2 Chrome, on top of A2 GBP! Seat belts assembled from Eduard PE parts! Yellow decal from Kit. Small decal from Mike Grant Decals.


Fuselage Pit Sidewalls. Dry Brushed with MM Silver to lift out structural details. Most details done with Pigma Pens. Mike Grant decals. Some Eduard PE parts added! Basic shell color is Alclad 2 White Aluminum under Tamiya Clear Green!

Deep Metallic Green is Tamiys Clear Green on Alclad 2 Chrome on A2 GBP! Control surfaces is A2 Titanium Gold on Chrome on GBP! Fuel Tank caps - Pigma silver pen.

Struts Alclad 2 Chrome over A2GBP! Strut top cover Gunze Copper. Red is Gunze Metallic Red! Brake wire Pigma pen Blue! Wheels are Tam Clear Red over A2 Chrome over A2 GBP! Tires MM Engine Black.


Instrument Panel, Rudder Peddles, and Gunsight mount. IP is Eduard PE parts with drop of Future in each instrument to simulate glass. This turned out better than I had hoped for!

Left side Fuse Shell with pit parts installed!

Right Side Fuse Shell with pit details added!

Tail Assembly. Stab colors Alclad 2 Pale Gold, and Titanium Gold.Rudders are Tamiya Clear Red over A2 Chrome, Over A2 GBP.

Engine covers are Tamiya Clear Red over A2 Chrome over A2 GBP!

Fuselage now closed up and major openings masked off! Lower half sprayed with Alclad 2 Titanium Gold.


Upper part of fuse now sprayed with Aztec Bronze - my custom blend of Alclad 2 colors!

Gun Compartment!

Landing gear compartment!

Cockpit from Right Side!

Rear view of Cockpit!

Cockpit from left side.



My 19th Build!

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