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Classic Airframes 1/48 Curtiss Hawk II (Udet Derived Theme)!

This Hawk project was hampered by a number of serious problems. As a result it became a "test bed" for trying new ideas. Some were successful, some were not!

See the fuselage "finishing" saga below!

Fuselage now primed with 5 coats (4 mist to light, + one wet each air dried 5-10 minutes between coats) of MM Special Lacquer System Glossy Black thinned 80-90%.

Previously this had been airbrushed with same paint after sanding off MM Enamel Glossy  Black with very bad results (fisheyes). The MM Lacquer (which went on with spider webs and sandpaper rough appearance because it was not thinned enough --50% rather than 80-90%) was then cleaned off with Brake Fluid, soapy water , Windex, followed by Turpenol (artists highly purified mineral spirits)!

After airbrushing Alclad 2 Chrome! Notice the etched "frosty look!

The Alclad 2 Chrome has "etched" into the MM Lacquer. The more Chrome applied (less to the front -- more to the rear) the more intense the etching became and the "frostier" the look of the Chrome. This etching has been confirmed by visual observation under 18x magnification.

The Tamiya Clear Red has been been applied to the above fuse. Note the etched chrome appearance on the central side panels. The Red has  "glossed up" nicely, covering the lightly etched frontal area! The Red on the Rudder is looking nice on the heavier Chrome layer that was applied from mid to rear sections!

This kit has become a test bed for several experiments in various finishes. Some were successful, some were not. It was a great learning experience for me. It has now been assembled and the results seen here:


Wings have been polished with Tamiya 3 step system, then airbrushed with "decanted" Krylon 1601glossy black. They were given four coats, each separated by 5 minutes drying time. First 2 coats were very light, second two a bit heavier to achieve a wet glossy look. This glossy finish was not really very satisfactory. It contained a number of fisheyes and pip type defects! Their dry state  now is quite glossy (with defects) -- not too apparent in the pic, but thy were then  ready for the Alclad 2 Polished Aluminum top coat!

Hawk Wings after airbrushing with Alclad 2 Polished Aluminum and applying kit decals (with much difficulty. These decals (the red ones) wanted to crack & break apart! Several applications of  Gunze "Mr. Mark Softer" were required to get the decals to lay down around the leading edges of the wings. Several areas of the Polished Aluminum were burnished lightly wit a tissue to simulate a bit of weathering. A coat of "Future" was applied last.

It was originally planned that the fuselage red would be a closer match to the "decal red" on the wings.

Because the Chrome turned our so dark, this caused the Red on the fuse to be almost Maroon in color. I love this fuse color, but it just wasn't6 planed to be that way. I'll use this serendipitous event on another kit soon.

Instrument Panel (a resin part). Mike Grant Decals are used for the instruments after punching out with a Waldron punch! This time I was even able to orient most correctly! A drop of "Future" has been placed in each to simulate glass! The length of this IP is 3/4", so it is magnified here in this pic by 4x!

Cockpit now assembled. Seat belts just painted on to the resin molding. Side Frames Alclad 2 Chrome on Black Glossy Primer! Seat and bottom pan dirty washed with water colors. Marking pens used for color highlights! 


My 16th Build!

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