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Revell 1/24 Duesenberg Construction!

A "Theme Model" visualized as a "Classic" Duesenberg subjected to a little "Overhaulin'"!!!

All the Duesey parts ready for my "Overhaulin'" paint shop!

Alclad 2 Pale Gold applied over raw plastic.

Alclad 2 applied over Alclad 2 Black Glossy Primer!

Alclad 2 Jet Exhaust applied on raw plastic!

OOB Chromed parts!!

Engine is Alclad 2 Chrome over Alclad 2 Black Glossy Primer. Also Red is Tamiya Clear Red over A2 Chrome. Some detailing done with Pigma pens, and Gunze Metalic Red! The Supercharger support is Alclad 2 Jet Exhaust! If you look very closely you can see a Mike Grant placard decal on top of the water pump!

Frame Sub-Assembly, ready for the Engine.

Fender assembly. New color I developed that I'm calling "Old Gold! This is Tamiya Yellow over Alclad 2 Chrome over BGP!

Body is Alclad 2 Chrome over GBP. Red is Tamiya Clear Red over the Chrome!

Trial assembly of Body on Fender set!


The Fender and Running Board Asm has been added. The running boards (painted with Alclad 2 Jet Exhaust) have been dry brushed with MM Silver to bring out the ribs!

Floor boards added. Alclad 2 Pale Gold!

Stock Chrome IP Dry Brushed with Gunze Metallic Red (not sure I like this effect!)! Instruments are Mike Grant decals (1/32 Jet Aircraft)! Added a drop of Future on each instrument.

Rear Instrument Panel. This fits on back of front seat!

Note that the Chrome in both IPs  are reflecting the red color from the seat flocking!

Finished Body Tub Assembly. Seats flocked with Dark Red from Detail Master. Floor flocked with Dark Gray from DM! I 'm not satisfied with my flocking job yet. I have a lot to learn about "flocking"!

The firewall has been Chromed with Alclad 2 Chrome on top of A2GBP. Detail colors with Pigma pens and Gunze Metallic Blue Green!

Chassis and Tub Assembly.

My 20th Build!

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Finished Revell 1/24 Duesenberg!

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