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Italeri 1/12 F104G Starfighter Cockpit Project!

Part 2 - Finished Cockpit!!

A general listing of major colors applied.

1. Alclad 2 Chrome. This was airbrushed over Alclad 2 Black Glossy Primer. It was applied as background color on all four vertical instrument panels, and under all red color parts. The Outer tub strengthening structure is Alclad 2 Chrome.

2. Red parts use Tamiya Clear Red over Alclad 2 Chrome.

3. The main tub is Alclad 2 White Aluminum on the raw plastic/no primer.

4. All gold color parts are Alclad 2 Light Gold on raw plastic.

5. The two main side instrument panels are Alclad 2 Jet Exhaust over the raw plastic! The IP cover is also Alclad 2 Jet Exhaust!

6. The Base Mounting Plate is Alclad 2 Copper finished with a top coat of Future!

Please look at Part #1 Italeri 1/12 F104G Starfighter Cockpit Project- Parts and Sub Assemblies! for more details on the paint colors etc!

General construction was OOB, with out any attempt at super detailing or mods! This was a real fun project but there is a lot of opportunity for super detailers to dig in here<g>!



Main side panels. First airbrushed with Alclad 2 Jet Exhaust. Then several inner panels brushed with MM Aircraft Interior Black. Then dry brushed with MM Jet Exhaust enamel (lighter than Alclad 2 Jet Exhaust). White washed with water color white & water  thin mix between sub panels. Air Brushed with MM Clear Flat Acrylic. Paint marking pen used for silver buttons and switch highlights. Need to add painted knobs and other small accessories next!

Finished Left Hand Panel with small separate parts added!

Right Side Panel finished. Note decal Instrument dial on left end from kit!

Upper instrument panel. Base is Alclad 2 Chrome. Face plates and escutcheons hand painted with MM Aircraft Interior Black. Other color details done with Pigma pens. Instrument faces are kit decals, but each covered with a drop of Future to simulate glass!


Lower Instrument Panel. Base is Alclad 2 Chrome. Lower level sub-panels hand brushed with MM Aircraft Interior Black. Upper level sub-panels hand brushed with MM Engine Gray. Knobs Airbrushed separately with various shades of white & red. Some other color accents done with Pigma pens!

Side Instrument panels finished same as above IPs.



Optical Sight, finished with Alclad 2 Jet Exhaust, and Gold. Brushed on a bit of MM Light Gull Gray  & Tamiya Sky Blue, and White.


Cockpit Tub. Basic surfaces Alclad 2 White Aluminum. Rudder Pedals installed, dry brushed with MM Aircraft Interior Black.. Rudder Pedal support shaft Tamiya Gun Metal.

Combined Instrument Panels and Optical Sight.

Same from the side/rear.


Instrument Panel Assembly attached to tub!


The "Hot Seat" assembled! Red components are Tamiya Clear Red over Alclad 2 Chrome. Gold is Alclad 2 Light Gold. Other parts are Alclad 2 White Aluminum. All over Alclad 2 Glossy Black Enamel! Pigma pens used for color highlights!

All Panels and Controls now assembled to tub.


Comments are always appreciated!

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