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Hasegawa 1/48 F104C/G Starduster Project

Part #4 - Completed F-104 Starduster! 

Major Tom's Great Adventure!

Major Tom took off on a routine flight mission early this morning in his glistening "Silver Bullet" F-104 Starfighter. After climbing to 35,000 ft he was surprised by the seeming endless power that this "Silver Bullet" seemed to be showing.

Suddenly he felt a new surge of power thrusting his "starfighter" into a wild climb. He was not aware that an intense  "Sun Flare" had engulphed his ride and that he was now in orbit momentarily, and then on a direct path to the "Orion Nebula"!

Traveling at more than warp speed 5, he soon discovered that he was plunging through the many "Star Clouds" in the colorful "Orion Nebula"! Shades of Red, Green, Gold and a zillion other colors of rich stardust almost blinded him. As he flew through Orion's "Tapezium" he had the sensation that he would like to take forever on this magnificent adventure.

However, his amazing journey was short lived and he soon found that his course had changed and that he was once again approaching earth. The same force that had catapulted him out to Orion, now eased him through the earths atmosphere and he realized that he was once again at 35,00 feet above his home region. 

He glanced out through his several canopy windows and was shocked by what he saw. The "silver bullet" had become covered with Orion's "Stardust" and was showing wild color changes as he approached his landing zone. His wings seemed to be constantly changing from red to green depending on his flight direction. The "silver bullet" fuselage was now showing a strange "Bronze" glow! His nosecone in the front, and fin and rudder in the rear were glowing an unusual brilliant red color.

After landing, Major Tom parked his transformed beauty. Then he noticed something else that was very strange. When he boarded his "silver bullet" this morning, he entered from the right hand side. Now as he was leaving, he had to open the cockpit canopy from the left hand side and leave from that side. Another unexplainable mystery! He then  proceeded to his favorite "watering hole" to cogitate on what had taken place that morning!

A replica of that transformed "silver bullet" can be seen here:

Notice the "White Wings" on all the above! Lighting positioned to best show the F-104's various features!

It's difficult to get the camera down into the cockpit.

For a complete study of the cockpit click here!

I have adjusted the lights to show the "Green Color Flash" on both wings here!

The lights have now been re-adjusted to show the "Red Color Flash" in the left wing while the right wing is basically showing "White to Pale Green"!

A "close up" picture study of the color change can be seen by clicking here.

Here the lighting h been adjusted to show both red and green colors!as



And ending with my favorite pic!!


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