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Hasegawa 1/48 F104C/G Starfighter Cockpit Project

Part 4 - F-104 Black Box  1/32 Cockpit Construction!

Black Box 1/32 Cockpit all parts air brushed with Dark Gull Gray. Note the Blue Tac masking on the tub side panels.

Tape masks at tub sides and MM Aircraft Interior Black brushed on.

Side Panels Dry Brushed with Euro Gray, Dry Brushed with MM Silver, dirty washed twice, Airbrushed with Gunze Flat, Re-dry brushed very lightly with MM Silver. Details then enhanced with Pigma pens!

MM Engine Gray brushed on IP, then tape masked and MM Aircraft Interior Black brushed on center section.


Dry Brushed with Euro Gray, Dry brushed with MM Silver, dirty washed twice. Details enhanced with Pigma pens. CRT washed with thinned Tamiya Clear Green!

The Instrument Panel is an Eduard PE part with Eduard film laminate on the back side for the instruments! It's basic color is "as etched". It has been dry brushed with MM Aircraft Interior Black to accent the instrument bezels. I'm pleased with that result.

Two views of the Coaming showing the attached Instrument Panel, and Combining Glass etc!

Cockpit Rear Panel.


Left Side Panel                  Right Side Panel


The Seat Belts are painted on - not PE parts! The Ejection pull rings scratch built from copper wire, painted  with  Gunze Yellow, and black stripes added with a Pigma pen. The only PE parts are the two foot pad extenders. Some areas dry brushed with MM Silver! Seat painted with MM US Khaki. Area beneath the red head rest is Tamiya Olive Drab. A few details enhanced with Pigma pens.

The lower Instrument Panel tac glued into approximate position. The exact location of this panel is is both indeterminate and obscure! Note the PE rudder peddles now attached to the pit floor. They have been painted with MM Dark Gull Gray and dry brushed with MM silver. Note the temporary false floor support to attach to the seat bottom.

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