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Hasegawa 1/48 F104C/G Starfighter Cockpit Project

Part #1 - Cutting Edge  Cockpit!

This Cockpit has been a very frustrating experience. In the F-104 the pit is a tight "wrap-around" fit to the pilot. Thus at 1/48 scale it is very small. See the pic below with the "dime" reference. As I was building a "C" Starfighter" version, it started out as a "Black Box" - #48028 add on. I was unable to achieve the level of detail desired with that version. Thus I switched to a "Cutting Edge" CEC48251 which is for the "G" version. Augmenting that is an Eduard Color Photo Etched C/J 49222 set from which the upper Instrument panel is constructed as well as part of the lower IP. The other 2/3 of the lower IP is from the CE set.

I'm not satisfied with these results, and some corrections will be made to this pit after viewing these "Proof" photographs prior to installing in in the fuse. This pit work took place during tyhe summer of 2005.






A terpenoid  with charcoal and burnt umber oil wash has been applied to "dirty up" the floor a bit! This has also been applied to the various panels and items below.


Left upper fuse side panel                 Right upper fuse side panel

Upper Instrument panel


Lower Instrument panel


Front view of Martin Baker ejection seat


Right side of seat                                                         Left side of seat

Top of seat


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Part 2 - F-104 Black Box Cockpit Construction!

Part 2 - F-104 Finished Black Box Cockpit!

Part 3 - The Out Of Box Cockpit!

Part 4 - F-104 Black Box  1/32 Cockpit Construction!

Part 4 Finished 1/32 Black Box Cockpit!

F-104 Cockpit Comparisons!

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