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Hasegawa 1/48 F104C/G Starfighter Cockpit Project

Cockpit Comparisons!

The pit on the left hand side is the Cutting Edge pit. On the right hand side the Black Box pit!


Out Of The Box Pit!  



        CE Pit                               BB Pit                               OOB Pit  


OOB Cockpit!



CE Cockpit!                                                     Black Box Cockpit!




Left upper fuse side panels                 Right upper fuse side panels



The Instrument panels. The cutting edge upper two pics - two separate pieces. 

Lower two pics -- left hand Black Box, right hand OOB !


CE Coaming


Coaming -  Black Box showing attached IP!

OOB Coaming with attacvhed IP!


CE Seat!                   OOB Seat!

The Cutting Edge Cockpit seat. I do not have a matching view of the BB seat. Use the BB pit views above to compare seats!

My opinion is that overall the Cutting Edge Cockpit is substantially superior to the BB pit even though my building skills are improved in the last 6 months since the CE pit was built! I believe that if I built a F-104 CE pit today it would look better than than the one shown here built in June 2005! 

On the other hand I feel that this OOB pit is rather nice, and straight forward in construction. Certainly not as refined and detailed as the CE pit, but presents a very "passable" cockpit. Others, more skilled than myself should be able to generate an even better version.


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Part 1 - The Cutting Edge Cockpit!

Part 2 - F-104 Black Box Cockpit Construction!

Part 2 - F-104 Finished Black Box Cockpit!

Part 3 - The Out Of Box Cockpit!

Part 3 Finished "Out Of The Box" Cockpit!

Part 4 - F-104 Black Box  1/32 Cockpit Construction!

Part 4 Finished 1/32 Black Box Cockpit!

Cockpit Comparisons!

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