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Part 1 - Cockpits for the 1/48 Hasegawa F-14! 

Part 1 B -  F-14 cockpit "Aires 4149"!


The Aires Pit Tub has been masked (the switch & button panels) with "Blue Tac" prior to spraying with Dark Gull Gray. Then the blue tac has been removed. This is to limit the paint build up around the tiny switch & button details.

Then the "Blue Tac" mask has been applied around the outside of the "panels" and three different shades of black brushed on (Interior Black, Engine Gray, Nato Black).




The panels have now been dry brushed with Testors Gloss Silver. And some details picked out with the Pigma Pens. I had expected the Aires panels to be superior at this stage to the OOB panels after pre-examining them with an 18x magnifier. This has not happened. While some of the "End Panels" seem a bit better, the 4 main panels do not. I suspect the cause of this is that the Aires button & switch details while higher in relief, have a more "rounded, softer tops" compared to the OOB parts. Thus the dry brushing is not as effective on the Aires units, and any attempt to improve the appearance of the details results in more "smeariness" on the base panel surface.

Now, an expert model building associate suggested previously to me that sometimes a "dirty wash" can improve a panel by hiding some brush & pen  errors. So in each set of pics above the one on the right hand side is the pit having 2 coats of a "dirty wash". And yes, it does improve these a bit. I use a "water base " wash using burnt sienna and charcoal black water colors in lots of water.

The "dirty wash" also improved the rear walls of both front & rear pits and the floors.

I tried one more experiment here which was unsuccessful. On the dirty washed rear near vertical  panels I tried a second silver "dry brush". You can see that it had a negative effect.

This has since been repaired with a re-paint of the black in the effected area.

I had decided to "help" the two instrument panels by using the Aires PE panels which looked pretty good. However, I damaged  all of them with a  poor gluing technique. Therefore, I used instead some of the Eduard panels and films from the EDFE221 set. Not very impressive, but better than nothing here! CRT screens again using Tamiya Clear Green/Orange diluted into an almost "wash" with alcohol.

Aires PE parts used to "help" the seats!


Unlike the OOB version, the Aires Resin parts include two seperate side panels to be attached to the fuselage inside walls!

I have been using as a reference the Squadron publication - "F-14 Tomcat Walk Around".




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Part 1 A -  F-14 cockpit "out of the box" Construction!

Part 1 A - F-14 Finished OOB Cockpit!

Part 1 C  Finished F-14 Aires Cockpit!

Cockpit Comparison -OOB and Aires!

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