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The F-16 A-D Study- Initially in 1/144 scale (tiny stuff)!!

I don't know where this adventure is taking me yet, but I've jumped down the rabbit hole and the story has begun to unfold!

I've started working on three F-16 versions simultaneously! A Revell, a Minicraft, and a Dragon.

In addition, I acquired a Minicraft 6-Pack of the 50th Anniversary F-16 boxing!! Partway through the construction, the Minicraft version will transform into the 50th Anniversary version. That is such an exciting version, that I just had to give it a try!

Both the Revell and Dragon versions will develop into a "Gold Standard" finish inspired by this real "gold" version shown in the next two pics! In doing this I'll be experimenting with various custom blended Alclad gold colors done several different ways!

Now the Revell version. I can't recommend this kit to anyone getting into 1/144. The fit of many parts is terrible. I only continued with it to see if I could surmount these fit difficulties. I'm really not very pleased with the results!


The Revell finished!


At this point I jumped to the 50th Aniversery version!

The Minicraft finished!

Minicraft and Revell!

And now the Dragon version!

Revell on the left, Minicraft center, Dragon on the right!




My 33rd + Build!

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