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The F-16 A-D Study- Initially in 1/144 scale (tiny stuff)!!

I don't know where this adventure is taking me yet, but I've jumped down the rabbit hole and the story has begun to unfold!

I've started working on three F-16 versions simultaneously! A Revell, a Minicraft, and a Dragon.

In addition, I acquired a Minicraft 6-Pack of the 50th Anaversary F-16 boxing!! Partway through the construction, the Minicraft version will transform into the 50th Aniversary version. That is such an exciting version, that I just had to give it a try!

Both the Revell and Dragon versions will develop into a "Gold Standard" finish inspired by this real "gold" version shown in the next two pics! In doing this I'll be experimenting with various custom blended Alclad gold colors done several different ways!

Now the Revell version. I can't recommend this kit to anyone getting into 1/144. The fit of many parts is terrible. I only continued with it to see if I could surmount these fit difficulties. I'm really not very pleased with the results!



F-16 Revel ready for paint shop. Notice inaccurate lower fuselage and filler required.

Revell assembly sprayed with Testors Glosscoat Lacquer -- now ready for Alclad Airframe Aluminum!

Revell Alclad Airframe Aluminum tinted with Alclad clear yellow, and clear red. I believe too much red! Will re spray with less red/more yellow.

Revell - Resprayed with modified Alclad Airframe Aluminum. I like this "gold" a little better!

Revell - A bit of red added (Tamiya Clear Red)! The rudder was sprayed with Alclad Chrome on top of the Testors Glosscote. Then the Tam clear red added for a slightly different effect!!

Next the Minicraft version. The fit of parts here is much better than the Revell, but not perfect.

Topside Decals added!



F-16 Minicraft. Note better fuselage lower section.

Minicraft version with Tamiya Flat White applied as primer for MM Gloss White Enamel to be applied later!

Minicraft - MM Gloss White Enamel now applied!

At this point I jumped to the 50th Aniversery version!

The Minicraft now with decals now added! Almost finished!!

Testors Glosscote Lacquer now sprayed over all!

And now the Dragon version!

And now the Dragon Version. The fit of parts on the Dragon kit is excellent. No problems! I can highly recomment it. You can build either the single seat or two seat versions from it!

Two Single seats from Minicraft kits made for the Revell and Minicraft. Seat belts made from painted masking tape. A real challenge!

Dual cockpit assembly with pilots from the Dragon kit. 

Dragon cockpit assembled on to lower fuselage half!

The Dragon assembly now ready for the Testors Glosscote Lacquer! Note the better detail un the underside than that on the Revell & Minicraft!

Dragon with Testors Glosscote Lacquer applied.

Now sprayed with Alclad Chrome tinted with Alclad clear yellow. I'm calling this Chrome Gold!

A bit of Tam Clear Red added!



My 33rd + Build!

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