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Accurate Miniatures 1/48 Grumman F3F-2 Project

The Stock (Relative) Version !

Part 3  -  Finished Stock Version!




The finished cockpit #2.

The Engine has been airbrushed with Alclad 2 Chrome over Alclad 2 White Aluminum.

Fins dry brushed lightly with MM Aircraft Interior Black. Crankcase cover brushed with MM light blue gray. Crankcase bolt heads picked off with a Painters Metallic Ultra Fine Silver pen. A kit decal applied, lower crankcase cover, and a Mike Grant decal to the right. Ignition wiring is a kit PE part!




Looking inside the cockpit openng from several different angles!


My 14th Build!

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Part 1 - Initial Construction - The Cockpit and Sub Assemblies-- Uncovering Early Problems!

Part 2 - The Cockpit and Sub Assemblies - Stock Version!

Part 4 - The Cockpit and Sub Assemblies - Hot Rod Version!

Part 5 - The Finished Hot Rod Version!

Part 6 - The Finished Stock and Hotrod Versions Together!

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