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A "Theme Model" of Goodyear Racer Corsair!

Constructed from a Tamiya F4U-2 1/48 Kit!

My vision of a "Restoration" Derived From Cook Cleland's "Lucky Gallon #92"!

It all started here! When the National Air Races resumed in 1946 Cook Cleland, a new commer, who wanted to make a name for himself in air racing acquired a FG-1D Corsair and entered it in the Thompson Trophy Race. After a lot of hard work in preparation, Cook placed a poor sixth  at 357.465 mph! The colors were "Cream & Maroon"!


Cook named his Corsair "Lucky Gallon!  After the races #92 became "City of Painesville" and was flown out of Clelandís Euclid Ave. Airport

Pretty much into the junk pile! #92 Parked behind Cookís hangar, itís rudder has been swapped for #74ís and itís wings went to #94.

This is a pic supplied by Rodney Williams of his 1/72 interpretation of the "Lucky Gallon"!

I had not seen it prior to painting my "Theme Version"! Thus I had "guessed" wrongly that there was no trim on the stabilizer and that the fuse trim line extended to the end of the fuse!!

It's here where my restoration "theme model" starts! I substituted Alclad 2 Pale Gold for the Cream color, and a more Metallic Maroon for the original maroon. When I started, I had only the above pics (less Rodney's) to work from. It was very difficult from these to see exactly the location trim paint lines. I had to make some educated guesses! Anyway my brain has had it's way here and any inaccuracies from "true scale" can be chalked up to "Artistic License"!

I want to thank Keith Davidson of Red Pegasus for supplying the Decals for this project.



Several views of the cockpit. (Aires)

The Seat! (Aires)


Engine Airbrushed with Alclad 2 White Aluminum, dry brushed with MM Interior Black. Details added with Pigma pens. Mike Grant Decals on Crankcase cover!


My 18th Build!

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Lucky Gallon Goodyear Corsair Construction details!

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