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Eduard Pfalz D.IIIa!

A "Theme Model" visualized as a modern restoration  of the aircraft as flown by Hptm. Rudolf Berthold, CO of JG II,1918! I deviated from this a bit by using as the main side decal, a design from Eagle Strike Decals "Flying Circus Part VI" which I think has much higher interest!

In addition to my specially developed "Hot Red" color, I have now developed a special "Blue Heat" color used here. For this model, I have for the first time airbrushed all parts with a High Gloss top coat of "Future" ( except the underside of both wings which remain "as sprayed" Alclad 2 White Aluminum.

Engine airbrushed with out primer using Alclad 2 Polished Aluminum!Cylinders drybrushed with MM interior black. Red is Gunze Shine Red!


Cockpit floor brushed with MM US Khaki and dry brushed with a burnt sienna to simulate grained wood. Bulkhead Airbrushed with Alclad 2 Polished Aluminum then dry brushed with Testors Glossy Gold. Seat belts and pedals are kit PE parts.


My 19th Build!

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