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 Fokker D.VII (Early) from 1/48 Roden Kit!

Part #2  Finished Pictures! 

Research has shown that in 1916, some of these  early liquid cooled Mercedes engines ran quite hot. When that occurred, the German engine mechanics removed the front cowl sides and top panels. These planes were then flown with the "Open Engine" as seen here.

This has led to my "theme" for this model. What if the German "Engine Mechanics" decided to "rebuild" one of these engines into a "Hot Rod" format for use at "shows" in 1916?

Thus you can see the "Chrome and Gold" engine mounted in the "Metallic Orange" birdcage.

This engine assembly was quite difficult to get together. There are no "right angles" or other reference points for centering and aligning the engine with the airframe thrust line. The better part of one week was spent on this part of the project.


This particular Fokker D.VII has particular "fond memory" meaning for me and will be finished in a "version" not seen in references any more.

Back in 1943 at the age of 12, I built a "Cleveland Model & Supply Co." Fokker D.VII flying scale model that had a 24" wing span. It was finished in an "Orange - Green - White " doped on tissue format.

I can still visualize exactly how "nice" this looked to me then. (I also can remember carving the propeller from a hardwood block and finishing it with walnut stain - clear doped and polished!)  I recently contacted the "Cleveland Model & Supply Co." (yes -- they are still around as a plans archive service), and purchased a plan set of this Fokker D.VII. I now have a detailed reference of the color scheme layout, and this Roden Kit has been finished like that one.

Tamiya Gloss Orange with one pipette of Tamiya Clear Red added to the new jar of orange to intensify the orange color a bit! Tamiya Dark Green for the green color. Gunze Gloss White for the white.

The finish is hand rubbed and polished using the Tamiya 3 step system. This is applied twice. Once to the bare plastic after filling seams with Gunze Mr. Surfacer 500 & 1000. Second hand rubbed polish after all paint has been applied. This tends to soften the mask lines and leaves a beautiful almost "Glossy" sheen to the finish. Decals are then applied without using a "Future" undercoat. Decal edges pretty much invisible. No topcoat applied.

Decals are from the Roden Kit plus a few from Eagle Strike "Flying Circus Part VI" set.

The hard to see instrument panel!

The cockpit prior to "closing up"!

The underneath pattern on the lower wing and tail matches the topside.

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My Eleventh build.

Part #1  Engine and Fuselage construction!

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