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A "Theme Model" of a Henschel  HS 123A!

Constructed from a AMTech 1/48 Kit!

The "Original What If" Theme! 

Sometime in the not too distant past, this very interesting aircraft was restored by Prince Rupert Kassidyne! PRK resides on one of those wonderful little Greek islands that lies between the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Crete. He is of old Russian extraction. His family roots lie in the heart of the Ural Mountains where for many years his family has amassed enormous wealth extracting Amethyst crystals and gemstone rough from Amethyst mines scattered throughout those mountains. It is little wonder then, that when he restored this aircraft that he had it finished in several shades of Amethyst Purple and a bit of Gold!

The Kit Box Cover!

Wings airbrushed with Clear Reddish Purple (Amethyst Color) as a blend of Gunze Clear Red and Clear Blue! Fuselage airbrushed with Clear Bluish Purple (Amethyst Color) as a blend of Gunze Clear Red and Clear Blue! All on top of Alclad 2 Chrome on top of MM Glossy Black Enamel!


Cockpit Left Side Panel.              Cockpit Right Side Panel.

Undercoated with Alclad 2 White Aluminum. Top coat a mix of Gunze Clear Red and Clear Blue to get a reddish Purple! This was Drybrushed with MM Silver.Other colors used include Gunze Shine Red, and Blue Green. Pigma pens used for additional details. Mike Grant Decals used for the placards.

Engine assembly. Alclad 2 White Aluminum dry brushed with MM Interior Black. Red is Gunze Metallic Red, Blue Green is Gunze Metallic Blue Green! Other detail colors done with Pigma Pens. Mike Grant Decal on Crankcase.

The IP resin casting by BB was not very sharp and crisp which led to finishing problems. It was first coated with A2 White Aluminum. Then a light spray of MM Engine Black. It was dry brushed with MM Silver. That was over coated with Future to give the decals something smooth to seat on. It was then dry brushed again with MM silver to try to highlight the instrument bezels better. Mike Grant Decals were applied and a drop of future on each after they had dried. I was hoping for better results.



The assembled cockpit units!


My 21st Build!

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