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Heller 1/72 Gloster Javelin Project (My first 1/72 build!)!

This kit is from about 1970.  The model style is based on a Gloster Javelin F(AW) MK 9 XH897/A of the A&AEE Boscombe Down September 1970 (UK) color scheme! This original (red & white colors) Aircraft was featured on the cover (and internally) of Scale Aviation Modeler International Vol. 9 Issue 10, October 2003!

The Kit was purchased on Ebay!

I have carried the red/white color theme to a new state -- visualizing an exaggeration into a new "what if" concept based on a natural metal type finish. I have utilized Alclad 2 "White Aluminum"  combined with a Metalized Hot Red!

Part1 - The Cockpit and Sub Assemblies!


Cockpit Tub brushed with MM Dark Gull Gray. Side Panels brushed with MM Aircraft Interior Black, dry brushed with MM Silver, and details highlighted with Pigma pens!

Instrument Panels brushed with MM Dark Gull Gray, and dry brushed with MM Aircraft Interior Black to highlight the instrument bezels. Instruments painted with Gunze Gloss White. Details highlighted with Pigma pens!

Seat Belts made from masking tape painted with MM Light Gull Gray, and metal parts simulated with Silver fine point pen.

Seat padding brushed with MM US Khaki. Headrest brushed with Gunze Red. Seat side structure brushed with MM Aircraft Interior Black and dry brushed with MM Silver!

Javelin assembled and joints filled. Polished (Tamiya 3 step system) and ready for Alclad 2 black primer!

After applying the Alclad 2 Gloss Black primer.

Top and Bottom surfaces masked and sprayed with Alclad 2 Chrome. After a days drying time these will be sprayed with Tamiya Clear Red! Note the bottom mask is somewhat of an inverse of the top!



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Part2 - The Finished Javelin!

Cockpit Study Table of Contents

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