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Loening M-8 1/48 From a Planet Resin Kit!

Box Art from 1/72 Pro Model kit showing US markings that will be used on this build!

Grover C. Loening, the first holder of an aeronautical engineering degree — in a course that he had to design himself — was a true pioneer in American aviation. He was an author, an official with the Wright brothers, chief engineer of the U.S. Army’s flying school in San Diego, and chief engineer of the Sturtevant Aeroplane Company before forming his own Loening Aeronautical Engineering Company in New York City in 1917.

Realizing the complex speed and structural handicaps of traditional biplane designs, Loening became a strong advocate of the monoplane. His M-2 Kitten, which he designed for the U.S. Navy in 1918, established the trend of bracing high wings with struts from below instead of the previous practice of stringing wires below and from a pylon above.

Also in 1918, after U.S. designers were encouraged to develop new combat types for World War I, Loening enlarged the M-2 into a two-seat fighter. Called the M-8 fighter, it used the U.S.-built version of the French Hispano-Suiza. The “Americanization” of this very adequate engine into the Wright-Hispano H, however, was a big mistake; the H proved troublesome in all of its subsequent applications.

Loening built two M-8s that performed well in Army tests, but a big production order was canceled at war’s end.
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IP is sprayed with SnJ Bronze. Them Mike Grant Decals applied for the instruments!

Finished interior cockpit floor. Seats are SnJ Platinum, with Gunze Flat Red cushions. Floor is MM Wood enamel dry brushed with MM Leather enamel. Bulkheads are MM Leather enamel dry brushed with MM Wood enamel. Brass color is MM Gold enamel. Compass exterior is SnJ Bronze, with Tam flat white on top, and Future on top of that. Compass points done with Pigma pens. Seat belts are Eduard WW1 German Belt PE parts..


Partially assembled Engine. Alclad Chrome over MM Glossy Black Enamel, and Gunze Clear Red over the Crome on manifold covers. Alclad copper on inlet manifold.


My 30th Build!

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