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A "Theme Model" of a Messerschmitt ME 163 B-1a Komet!

Constructed from a Revell 1/48 Kit!


The "Theme" for this model! Several years ago. a group of hikers discovered the remains of this Me 163 Komet in the "Black Forest" area of Germany. One of these hikers organized a restoration program by Bavarian BMW Engineers. The object was to restore this plane to "better than new" condition and exhibit it at the next "Octoberfest" in Munich!

The result of that restoration is detailed here for your enjoyment!

The Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet (Comet) was a single-seat interceptor that operated from 1944 to 1945. It was also the fastest and one of the most radical airplanes of the war. In 1938 Professor Alex Lippisch headed a project that produced the DFS 194 rocket test aircraft, which became the predecessor of Me 163. Lippisch was transferred to Messerschmitt in 1939 and the project transformed into one for a combat aircraft. In August 1943 a prototype Komet was finished, powered by the 1,705kg thrust of a Walter HWK 109-509 rocket. The Me 163B was a small tailless aircraft that took off from a trolley and landrf on a sprung skid. Sitting in a pressurized cockpit in the nose, the pilot could fire two 30mm MK 208 cannon in the wing roots. Later in the war the Me 163B's were equipped with 24 R4/M rockets which could shoot down a B-17 Flying Fortress with a single hit.
          The Me 163 was a delightful combination of beautiful handling and unprecedented performance. In just over 2.5 minutes the Komet could climb steeply to 9,144m and then either intercept the bombers or glide for long periods to wait for the bomber formations. It was elusive and extremely difficult to catch; casualties usually resulted not from hostile actions but explosions and collisions on landing, when the two volatile and highly reactive rocket fuels were mixed together as the skid sustained the plane's weight during landing. Late models were equipped with a pressure cabin, a small auxiliary rocket for cruising, extra fuel tanks and a bubble canopy for all-round vision.Messerschmitt 163 Komet

A nice pair! The Shusui and Komet!

Instrument panel utilized a new technique. I painted the face with Poly Scale Lt Blue Gray acrylic. When dry I used a "fine" polishing stick layed lightly on the raised highpoints of the PE IP, sanding away the paint carefully off the instrument bezels. Then the foil instruments were attached to the rear with future. A few other details were picked out with Pigma pens.

Panels dry brushed with MM silver chrome enamel! Mike Grant decal placards applied to panels after "dirty wash" with water colors. Pigma pens used for detailing.

Seat "dirty Washed with water coors.

Pit tub dry brushed with MM silver chrome enamel! Pit tub also dirty washed with water colors
Pigms pens used for detailing.

Seat & Joy Stick added!



Sidewalls and IP now added!

Two light coats of SNJ Gold overall with 10 min dry time between. Then Leading edge sprayed with SNJ Aluminum, and Ailerons/Flaps sprayed with SNJ Platinum. Both polished with powders. Tips are Gunze Metallic Red.

Fuselage masked and sprayed with MM Glossy Black Enamel as a primer for Alclad 2 Chrome!.

Alclad Chrome applied. Lighter in the front, heavier toward the rear.


Tamiya Clear Red now applied. More intense toward the nose, lighter toward the rear!

Assembly progressing. Waiting for Canopies next!


My 26 th Build!

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