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MIRAGE III B2- 1/72 (PJ Productions)!

My inspiration for this build!

Added a "Penney" for your thoughts on overall size perspective.

Ready for the Paint Shop! Note the front instrument panel has been added in order to provide a back wall for lead shot weight.

MM Glossy Black Enamel now applied (thinned with 50/50 mix with zylene) Ready for the Alclad..

A new experiment for me! I applied Alclad Chrome freehand with the 0.20 noz to the nosecone back to just behind the intake region. Also to the wing leading edge panels. I then completed the rest with Airframe Aluminum, blending into the Chrome at the joins. The purpose will become obvious later when the Gunze Clear Red trim is added.

The fuel tanks are done in Chrome.

Added two vertical bands on fuselage in Alclad "Steel", and rear panel in Aztec Bronze with a blend of steel at its forward edge. Panel between the two vertical "steel" bands looks dark simply due to reflections.

Alclad paneling completed. On the fuselage upper panel band Dark Aluminum, narrow Steel band, Airframe Aluminum shaded on outer edges with Steel, narrow steel band, Airframe Aluminum with White Aluminum shaded outer edges, remaining panels in the forward direction, all AFA.

Lower panel band, White Aluminum, narrow steel band, AFA with shaded White Aluminum outer edges, narow steel band, AFA shaded with Steel outer edges.

Wing, outermost Aileron inner center panel is Dural, outer center panel Magnesium.  Next set of three small panels toward front are AFA. Large panel next to Aileron is Steel, edge shaded with Dural. Next panel AFA, followed by narrow Steel band, then White Aluminum panel. Center panel along wing outer edge is Dark Aluminum.

Gunze Clear Red now added, and cockpit components assembled into shell.


My 46th+ Build!

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