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Bell P-39 Natural Metal Finish - 1/48 Version From Edward Kit! Derived From Early Versions of this "Most Beautiful" Aircraft!

Look at that brightly polished surface!

Actual P-39 pics supplied by  Nicholas Millman and Mark Aldrich.

My goal here was to combine the outstanding salient features of these several early versions, and meld them into a single recognizable beauty!

This one is a bit special for me because as a 13 year old in 1944, I built the same one by carving it out of pine blocks. It was finished with Testors (still supplying model paints today) Aluminum "dope"! Before applying the Aluminum, I had sealed the wood to a glossy surface using clear dope mixed with my mother's face powder as a sanding sealer<ggg>!!

Alclad 2 (sometimes "tinted") has been used exclusively as the Metalizer here! The Canopy is tinted with Alclad 2 Clear Yellow on "Future" applied to the inside surface! The panel line details on this Eduard kit are so nice, that no attempt was made to enhance them!


Instrument panel from CE set, and over layed with Edward PE parts with foil backing. PE parts first brushed with MM Interior Black Enamel. When dry, bezels enhanced with fine narrow tip of sanding stick.

Finished pit ready for fuselage.

Green is MM Enamel Interior Green. Dry brushed with MM Chrome silver Enamel!


My 31st Build!

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Bell P-39 Natural Metal Finish - 1/48 Version From Edward Kit! Construction Page!

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