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 Scale Model Cockpit Project!

Part 1 - Cockpits for the 1/48 Hasegawa F-14! 

Part 1 A -  F-14 cockpit "out of the box"!

The four main side panels. The one on the right has been a "practice panel" It has been through 6 cycles of development. Each previous version "erased" by soaking in alcohol for several minutes and vigorously brushing with a tooth brush and alcohol wet tissues. The sizes shown above are about 2x the 3/8" by 1"actual size.

At the moment I do not consider myself to be a very proficient "cockpit builder"! So one of the purposes of this "Cockpit Project" is to see if I can improve my building skills. At 74, my hands are rather shaky, and my eyesight a bit limited. I have a 7" magnifier (with fluorescent lamp), but so far I have not been able to "do work" under the magnifier.  To see the part well the magnifier must be too close to the part to allow my hands and brush/pen to be working on the part.

Right hand panel above enlarged to show more detail and "problems<g>! In actual size it looks pretty good for OOB and is acceptable to me at the moment.

The black background is Model Master "Aircraft Interior Black" This has been dry brushed with Testors Gloss Silver". Some color detail added with Pigma Micron .05, and .005 tip pens. Also "Painters Metallic Silver "Ultra Fine" point pen used in some spots This pen is sometimes very difficult to control.

The 4 side panels finished as above. Tests were conducted dry brushing with Light Gull Gray rather than the silver. The Light Gull Gray effect while nice, was "softer" in overall appearance. Because of the small sizes of these parts I ended up settling on silver for dry brushing all panels for maximum (in my judgment) visual effect.

Main Instrument Panels sprayed with Tamiya "Nato Black"

Four Main Instrument Panels finished. The CRTs finished with silver (penned in) and with Tamiya Clear Green/Orange wash (thinned with 80% Alcohol)! Only one of each type will be used.

Small cockpit "End Panels" sprayed Model Master "Engine Gray". The largest dimension here is about 1/2 inch!

End Panels finished as above. Only 6 of these will be used.

Seats and other cockpit parts sprayed  with Model Master "Dark Gull Gray"!

Seat End panels sprayed  Model Master "Interior Black"!

The seats have now been "aged" a bit by dry brushing with silver!

Basic cockpit tub sprayed "Dark Gull Gray"!

The pit tub now aged a bit with a burnt umber/charcoal water colors water wash on the floor. There's not much detail on the floor to show this.!

In cockpits now, I prefer to use "water washes" rather than "oil" washes. With a water wash, I do not have to use a "Future" clear over spray, followed be a "flat" acrylic or enamel  final spray. Eliminating these two sprays (in my opinion) enhances the "detail" as the extra spray coats tend to run into and fill in around the tiny spaced details Also I have seen these two additional sprays (for me) "dull down" the visual effect of the details, and then I'm tempted to "re-paint" some of the details in an attempt to "re - brighten" them -- and sometimes damage the initial results that I had settled on as "acceptable" earlier.

The partially assembled cockpit missing yet the seats and rear compartment joy stick.

I have used several Eduard PE parts here but decided not to use any of the Eduard instrument panels. They seem to me to be too "flat" or two dimensional compared with the OOB parts and my processing of them.

I have been using as a reference the Squadron publication - "F-14 Tomcat Walk Around".

Comments and Questions are always welcomed.


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Part 1 A - Finished F-14 cockpit "out of the box"!

Part 1 B - F-14 Aires Cockpit Construction!

Part 1 C Finished F-14 Aires Cockpit!

F-14 Cockpit Comparison - OOB and Aires!

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