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Polikarpov I-3 - 1/48 Rest Model Kit!

An Original Theme Model!

It all starts here! The Box Cover sparks my brain on to several fantasy journeys. Soon a Theme develops!

The Theme!

While in Russia during WW 2 A group of German soldiers from Bavaria captured this Russian Polikarpov I-3. They dismantled  it and shipped it back to Germany where it sat in an abandoned garage for 50 years. It was later discovered there by some aircraft aficionados who restored it for use as a "Show" aircraft!

The Kit PE instrument Panel Painted with Tamiya Copper and Dry Brushed with MM Silver to highlight the instrument Bezels. The instrument "film" attached to the rear of the PE part, and a drop of Future added to each instrument to simulate "Glass"! The PE assembly then attached to the Kit resin bulkhead! It looks a bit "aged" but that was not my intention - it just turned out like that!


Floor is MM Wood + Gunze Mahogany dry brushed.. Future top coat. Seat is - Pilot side Tam Copper, - back side MM Zinc Chromate. Cushion Gunze Mahogany dry brushed with MM silver. Red accents Gunze metallic red! Joystick must be added to floor after floor is inserted into fuselage. All parts are kit supplied.


My 22nd Build!

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