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Etrich Taube - 1/48 Flashback (Eduard!

My  inspirations for this build!




Tha above Etrich Taube version was constructed by Peter Plattner. See his comments below.

I have used this version as a theme for my  deviating build to follow.

Etrich Taube A.II (Fd) 72.12

by Peter Plattner

This particular model renders an Etrich A.II "Militrtaube". These aircrafts have been built in the "Fischamend Flugzeugwerke", based on the design of Igo Etrich. doing their service in the early days of the "k.u.k.Fliegertruppe" As there was no kit of an Austrian dove available at this time, I had to take the Flashback kit representing a German built dove. Some important changes have had to be done, as there are: The engine was converted to a 85 hp Hiero. This needs almost to scratchbuilt a new engine. The fuselage had to be flattend on it�s back. The pilots compartment was rebuilt to a single seater. The wings needed some reshaping and so on. Of course the whole undercarriage has a complete different desgin and was reworked with bras wire . So after having done all these changes not very much of the original kit was still remaining. The rigging, as aonyone can imagine was tremendous and required all of my patience. But after all I think the result was it worth (hopefully). Now there is this beautiful multimedia kit of Copper State available and I think I will have to do it again.... somtimes

First some pics of my finished Etrich Taube!

Note: There are approximately 141 Guy Wires on this model. That is also approximately 353 inches of hardened Phosphor Bronze wire! The PB wire is 0.008" in diameter. The Turnbuckles are of PTFE (Teflon) sleeves having an ID of 0.012. Thus 141 pieces of 0.008 wire had to be carefully threaded into  0.012 holes in 141 sleeves! And yes, the Turnbuckle "sleeves" then had to be brush panted with MM Silver Enamel!

That may explain why this project took 4 months to complete<g>!!


Now some details on my Taube build here!

Alclad Airframe Aluminum on top of Testors Gloscote! Gunze Metalic black on the Cylinders. MM Brass enamel on the Manifolds and trim.

MM Wood Enamel, and a bit of Leather. Instruments MM flat White dry brushed with Interior Black.

MM Wood and Leather trimmed with a silver marking pen. Seat belts MM dark tan, and oil washed with black, then dry brushed with Humbrol Linen. Metal trim with Silver marking pen.

MM Leather enamel applied by sliding wood block over ribs. Block brush painted with wet leather.

Front section sprayed with Humbrol Linen Enamel. Rear section sprayed with 50/50 mix of MM Gloss White and Radome enamels. Sprayed with Testors Glosscote then decals applied. Oversprayed with more Testors Gloss Cote!


Model Master Enamels used. Wood, Leather, Flat White, Aircraft Interior Black. A dirty Oil wash was applied.

Fuselage masked and ready for the paint shop.

First sprayed with MM Flat Header White Lacquer. Rubbed down with 1500 wet/dry paper (it went on very rough due to my thinner ratio error). Next sprayed with MM Glossy White Enamel.

Areas that will remain white masked off and MM Glossy Black Enamel sprayed on areas that will be red!

Alclad Airframe Aluminum sprayed onto the black.

Gunze Clear Red applied and masks removed.


Front section sprayed with Alclad Airframe Aluminum, Steel, and Pale Gold! One can now begin to really appreciate the beautiful form and "Clean Lines" of this Bird!!

Model in Bottom Rigging Fixture. Bottom rigging about finished and landing gear installed.

Rigging is Phos Bronz 0.008 wire, and Turn Buckles are PTFE sleeves!


My 45 th+ Build!

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